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January 19th, 2014 - Morgan Bagley Continues Winter Extreme Action
1Tucson International Raceway (Tucson, Arizona) was the sight of the the fourth round of the 2nd Annual Winter Extreme, which was held on Friday night.

The $3,000-to-win, National Dirt Racing League (NDRL) program drew a field of 56 entries to the 3/8 mile oval. Morgan found himself behind the eight ball early in the program after time trials left him starting 7th in his heat race. He would fail to advance through the pack in his heat race, which relegated him to a b-main. With the top two finishers transferring to the feature Morgan was only able to manage a 4th place finish, which brought his night to an early end.

On Saturday evening Bagley hoped to turn his luck around in the $5,000-to-win event, but he would unfortunately find himself falling just short of earning a starting spot for the 40 lap finale. In a repeat of Friday Morgan experienced struggles in time trials, which forced him to start deep in a heat race grid. After failing to qualify for the feature via his heat race Bagley started deep in a b-main. He would advance to a 3rd place finish, which left him one spot short of continuing his night in the finale.

The miniseries drew to a close on Sunday evening as Bagley looked to end things on a high note. Fifty-two entries entered the $10,000-to-win event, and a 3rd place finish in his heat race transferred Morgan to the feature in the 16th starting spot. Despite less than favorable track conditions for the 50 lap finale Bagley would manage to advance seven spots on his way to a 9th place finish.

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January 15th, 2014 - Morgan Bagley Opens 2014 in Tucson
1Morgan Bagley opened his 2014 season on Saturday night in his #14m P&W Sales/Rocket/Clements Super Late Model at Tucson International Raceway (Tucson, Arizona) in the opener for the 2nd Annual Winter Extreme.

A talented field of 57 entries were on hand for the $3,000-to-win program, and via time trials Morgan earned the 4th starting spot for his heat race. He would advance to a 2nd place finish, which locked him into the 8th starting spot for the 30 lap finale. In the main event Morgan raced in the top ten throughout the feature before crossing the finish line in 7th.

On Sunday evening the second round of the 2nd Annual Winter Extreme was held. With 54 entries on hand for the $5,000-to-win event, a 5th to 4th run in his heat race left Bagley just short of locking into the feature. He would go on to win his b-main to lock into the 21st starting spot for the feature. Despite track conditions not being ideal for passing Morgan would manage to pass seven cars on his way to a 14th place finish.

Wednesday evening found action resuming with a $3,000-to-win event that attracted a field of 49 entries to the 3/8 mile oval. Unfortunately heat race and b-main action would find Bagley falling a single spot short of transferring to the feature as his night came to an early end.

Full results from the event are available at